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Post Philippines Post

But, so, this one time we we're in the Philippines and before I had a moment to catch myself up to speed with my Philipino counterparts I was already staring at graffiti tagged by an orphan.  He or she wrote on the monotone-grey, interior, brick-wall, "No Faer."

Basically, welcome.  It's rainy, and then there's the rain and it's raining again, again.  It stops, the raining -- we're inside our house now.  My window is located 15 and 1/2 ft. from the main cement road in Granada.  I make a note of the white of the slats I'm looking through that cover my bedroom window at our dog ________.  She's CLEARLY distressed.  She might have mange.  I've felt Hate.

Shimmy, Shimmy Ya'll

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